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For Windows PCs.
Requires a 3D graphics capable video card.

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Spy Babies Episode 1

Download the Episode 1 Soundtrack, by Main Finger, Here!

Thank you for taking the time to check out and playing our first project, Spy Babies Episode 1. It is being released in a “as is” state. The game runs, but is not perfect. It was developed as much as a learning experience for us as it was ever meant to be a “product”. We’ve reached the point where we could no longer get anything worthwhile out of the project without falling into a vicious cycle of building/fixing/rebuilding/fixing/repeat. With this in mind, we felt it was only fair to give the game away for free and allow players to experience our first foray into the world of game development. Any feedback would be appreciated, and can be left at the Just Play a Game forums. Again, thank you for trying out Spy Babies Episode 1!

Spy Babies is a side scrolling adventure game set in the 1980s during a cold war between a fictionalized United States of America and the fictitious country the Joyous Proletariat of the Alliance of Gustavia. You play as Gustavia’s top spy Ivan Kostyavich as he infiltrates the United States to find and neutralize a top secret spy program.

In Episode 1, Ivan has arrived in the U.S. at John F. Kennedy Airport. Now he must retrieve the tools he’ll need that were hidden by his U.S. contact and get out of JFK without being detected.

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