Monthly Archives: February 2012

Let Ivan Infiltrate Your Desktop

Need a change from that Liberty Smith wallpaper you’ve been rocking all month? You’re in luck then, we’ve just put up a fresh wallpaper of Spy Babies’ protagonist, Ivan Kostyavich. It can be found over on the Media page.

SB has an Indie DB Page

We’ve gone ahead and added Spy Babies Episode 1 to IndieDB. For those that haven’t heard of IndieDB, it’s a great site to find and keep up with Indie game projects for all platforms. If you’re a IndieDB member go ahead and subscribe to Spy Babies there! We’ll try to have most of the same media and news that”s here available on our IndieDB space as well. We’re not too picky with how you choose to keep up with Spy Babies, just as long as you do!

Visit the Spy Babies Indie DB page:
Spy Babies Episode 1 X360 game

The Universe Is Expanding

The Universe section of our site that is! Well, and the real universe too I guess. That’s not what I’m here to talk about though! As you may have noticed our nav menu’s Cast button has been swapped out for a Universe button. The Cast page can now be found under Universe, along with our newest content, the Folklore of the Founding of Gustavia, a non-official recount of how the Joyous Proletariat of the Alliance of Gustavia was founded, as told by Mr. Edwin Gore. Enjoy!

Who’s Doing This

And by this I mean, Spy Babies. Our Credits Page has gone live, so you can see exactly who’s been working on this project. Being that we’re a small indie studio we have been receiving lots of help with parts of the game from friends, and that will continue right up until the game is published, so expect to see more names added to the page as more wonderful folks continue to help us make this thing a reality.