Episode 1 is in the Playtesting Phase – A Progress Update

I wanted to update everyone on our progress so far. Over the last couple of weeks Spy Babies Episode 1 has entered the playtesting phase. All art is done. All the music is done. We’re very close now. Unfortunately we’ve hit a couple of weird snags while playtesting. We’re working hard to get it fixed. But it’s definitely set us back a little.

So where exactly does that leave us? For a while we’ve been projecting a “Summer 2012” release. Obviously Fall begins in just 15 days (September 22nd). I believe that we can still have the game ready to submit to Microsoft by the end of September, but it’s whether that means September 21st, or September 30th is up in the air at the moment.

We’ll know by the end of next week whether or not we’ll make our September 22nd deadline. I’ll make another update when it becomes more certain. But by this time next month Spy Babies should be ready to be downloaded on everyone’s XBoxes, and that’s pretty exciting!

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