Well if it Works on PC (Release and Platform update)

XBox Live Indie Games has always been the lead platform for Spy Babies Episode 1. We’ve always intended to port it over to PC too. As it turns out though we’ve had more luck getting the game running on PC. So we’ve decided to change the lead platform to PC, meaning Spy Babies Episode 1 will come out on PC first.

To go along with the change in lead platform I have to announce that Spy Babies Episode 1 will officially miss a Summer release. We’re not happy about it, and I apologize to those that are actually anticipating the game. Right now I’m saying that the game is slated to be released this Fall. Hopefully early fall. I’ll be able to give you a better time frame next week, hopefully.

The cause of both of these changes are some major bugs that popped up during playtesting on the XBox 360. Its primarily our fault for not being diligent enough about testing earlier in the development cycle. But these are the kinds of lessons you’re supposed to learn while making your first game, and SBE1 is the first game any of us has ever made. Overall I’m pretty excited with the game we were able to build though and hope to be able to show it everyone soon!

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