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So What’s Next?

So, SBE1 is out. Now what? Spy Babies Episode 2! Err, except that’s probably not the case. Let me be clear. We’re proud of Spy Babies Episode 1. But it’s been a draining two years. SBE1 is a hell of a project for a studio that is, in reality, just three fledgling game developers. We do plan on finishing the Spy Babies story. We fully intend to, by the end of it all, have PC and XBox Live Indie Games versions of all the episodes.

Right now though we want to take some time to step back and work on smaller projects. For both fun and practice. So while there may not be another Spy Babies on the immediate horizon, there are still games by Just Play A Game Studios on the horizon. To keep up with all our ongoing games and projects, stop by, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. When we do have an update on Spy Babies Episode 2, we’ll talk about it at those places as well as here.

Feedback about Spy Babies Episode 1 would be greatly appreciated too. It’ll definitely help us with future games. Feel free to let us know what you thought of the game on our forums or via our Contact form on our main site.

We’re Pleased to Announce that Spy Babies Episode 1 is Now Available

It’s been a long road, but we’re here. Spy Babies Episode 1 is now available for download! And it’s completely free! I’ll be upfront about it, the game isn’t perfect. Heck, at some points it may get quite spotty. And yet I, and the entire Just Play a Game team, are incredibly proud of today, and this game we’re presenting to you. Because it works. Because it’s been two years in the making. Because even when we wanted to give up on it we didn’t. Because dammit, buggy or not, it’s a video game and we made it!

Spy Babies Episode 1 represents two years of learning. Of finding our way through a maze of ideas and concepts that going into the project we only had vague understandings of. It’s just a start. Someday SBE1 may not even register as a blip in the Just Play A Game Studios catalog. It’s our very first game though. Its finished and launched. So many who set out to do this, or other creative endeavors, never get this far. It’s incredibly hard. But we did it. And for that we’re immensely proud.

Now, you go play Spy Babies Episode 1, and play a bunch more games, and we’ll get back to work making some of those games.

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