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We’re Pleased to Announce that Spy Babies Episode 1 is Now Available

It’s been a long road, but we’re here. Spy Babies Episode 1 is now available for download! And it’s completely free! I’ll be upfront about it, the game isn’t perfect. Heck, at some points it may get quite spotty. And yet I, and the entire Just Play a Game team, are incredibly proud of today, and this game we’re presenting to you. Because it works. Because it’s been two years in the making. Because even when we wanted to give up on it we didn’t. Because dammit, buggy or not, it’s a video game and we made it!

Spy Babies Episode 1 represents two years of learning. Of finding our way through a maze of ideas and concepts that going into the project we only had vague understandings of. It’s just a start. Someday SBE1 may not even register as a blip in the Just Play A Game Studios catalog. It’s our very first game though. Its finished and launched. So many who set out to do this, or other creative endeavors, never get this far. It’s incredibly hard. But we did it. And for that we’re immensely proud.

Now, you go play Spy Babies Episode 1, and play a bunch more games, and we’ll get back to work making some of those games.

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Roll the Film

We’re extremely excited to debut our very first trailer for Spy Babies Episode 1 today! It’s a teaser trailer setting up the framework and world that Spy Babies Episode 1 takes place in. As stated in the trailer, Spy Babies Episode 1 is still on track for a Summer 2012 release, which is quickly approaching!

Music To Your Ears

We’ve added a music player over on our Media page! Right now you can find the first two tracks that were made for Spy Babies, Victory to Gustavia and What’s Yours is Mine. Both tracks were made by WereWare Studios. Unfortunately WereWare has since had to bow out of the project, but we have a worthy successor lined up already. We’re very thankful for the contributions WereWare Studios was able to make, and we wish them the best of luck with their future projects.

Location, Location, Location

Over on the Media page we’ve added a few screenshots to give you a taste of the five distinct areas in Episode 1. We have:

Airplane: The airplane is where you begin your long journey.

Hallways: You’ll be traveling down many hallways and corridors trying to get out of JFK.

Cafeteria: Ivan will have to stop off in the cafeteria for information, and perhaps to lend a hand in the way only a brilliant spy could.

Maintenance: What’s the best way to avoid the masses? Through the maintenance hallways of course!

Locker Room: A great place to stash stuff.

Let Ivan Infiltrate Your Desktop

Need a change from that Liberty Smith wallpaper you’ve been rocking all month? You’re in luck then, we’ve just put up a fresh wallpaper of Spy Babies’ protagonist, Ivan Kostyavich. It can be found over on the Media page.

Our Brand New Media Page’s new Media page is the place to go for screenshots of the game, as well as some nice wallpapers to download. In the future we hope to get even more game footage up including more screens, video, and some of the music found in the game.