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Silence is Not Golden

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates over the last month and a half. We haven’t forgotten. We’re all still very hard at work at getting Spy Babies Episode 1 completed. Unfortunately though, most of said work isn’t that interesting to report about. “Making new icons”, “fixing collision detection”, “tightening the graphics up on level 3″*. Nothing new to really show off yet, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be that exciting to read about either. Of course, if you’re actually really interested in hearing about that kind of stuff, please let us know!

Should have some stuff to show off this week though. So, check back soon. Why, later today in fact!

* A joke obviously.

The Universe Is Expanding

The Universe section of our site that is! Well, and the real universe too I guess. That’s not what I’m here to talk about though! As you may have noticed our nav menu’s Cast button has been swapped out for a Universe button. The Cast page can now be found under Universe, along with our newest content, the Folklore of the Founding of Gustavia, a non-official recount of how the Joyous Proletariat of the Alliance of Gustavia was founded, as told by Mr. Edwin Gore. Enjoy!

Who’s Doing This

And by this I mean, Spy Babies. Our Credits Page has gone live, so you can see exactly who’s been working on this project. Being that we’re a small indie studio we have been receiving lots of help with parts of the game from friends, and that will continue right up until the game is published, so expect to see more names added to the page as more wonderful folks continue to help us make this thing a reality.

An Interesting Cast of Characters

Besides some fun gameplay we’re trying to build a very fun universe for Spy Babies to exist in. We’ll be expanding on the universe here on the site where you’ll be able to learn more about the histories and characters that have shaped the world that Ivan, Liberty, and the rest live in.

To kick things off we’ve added some brief bios of the four main characters of the Spy Babies series. You can check them out over on the Cast page.

Our Brand New Media Page’s new Media page is the place to go for screenshots of the game, as well as some nice wallpapers to download. In the future we hope to get even more game footage up including more screens, video, and some of the music found in the game.

Welcome to the New Spy Babies site

Hi everyone, welcome to the brand new We figured as the game moves ever closer to completion it was time to get this site up and running. Right now we have some basic content up, but look for more to be added as we start moving into the Spring season.

Check back here for more updates soon. Or just follow us on Twitter to keep up with everything Spy Babies and Just Play a Game Studios related.