Ivan Kostyavich

Ivan Kostyavich rose from humble beginnings in a beet farm nestled in the harsh Gustavian mountains to become Gustavia’s national hero and super spy. His fierce strength is only matched by his sharp cunning. While foreigners may call him naive to more worldly Western ways, he is the only one who can save Gustavia from the disgrace of global anonymity.

BoBo Rustov

Bobo Rustov is Ivan’s contact with the ISB, Gustavia’s intelligence agency. While still a young cub, he was kidnapped by an American circus and forced to perform antics demoralizing to any true Gustavian patriot. Although he never quite recovered from the trauma of his captivity, his hyper-intelligence coupled with a burning hatred for his captors earned him a high rank in the ISB.

Liberty Smith

Liberty Smith is Ivan’s American rival. The latest in a long line of American female super spies titled “Liberty,” she is viewed by the Gustavians as a dangerous maniac who will spare not even her own minions in her quest to capture or kill Ivan.

George Washington Eagle

George Washington Eagle–the implanted brain of George Washington into the head of the original bald eagle, now kept alive by a robot body. Having served since the colonial days, GWE is a federal agent who works closely with Liberty Smith to further the U.S.’s goals.